Link YouTube Video with Custom Start Time

Ever wondered if it is possible to link a video that starts at a time you define? It is not only possible but also dead easy: The example above features the famous Amen Break, a 6-second drum break of the song Amen Brother by The Winstons. This break can be found in many old […]

HaptiMap Bike Navigation System meets Tourists on Borkum

Computer science research goes wild! Starting in July 18, 2011, our Tacticycle, a novel bike navigation system for tourists, will be demonstrated on Borkum. For one week, tourists can rent the system for the cycling trips. Background In previous studies we found that tourists actually do not desire strict navigation support. Often, they only start […]

Corporate Intranets – Infrastructures from the Internet’s past

Last week, in a staff meeting of my research institute, a discussion on the use of Web 2.0 technology came up. Reflecting on the discussions, I realized that actually the typical IT infrastructure we find in companies today has fallen years behind what we use in everyday life. Today’s practices in companies In enterprises a […]

Android User Hate Parade

Stupid! – Garbage – Hate it!!!!!!! … …. these are some of the few comments when publishing apps in the Android Market for free. This can be really frustrating for developers. Here are some of the worst example I have encountered in my life as an Android developer: The “it does not work -> 1 […]

OpenAL on Android

Although being slightly late with 3D Audio Support for Android 2.3 announced – this tutorial shows how to compile OpenAL for Android, so you can provide 3D Sound in your apps with 2.2 and below. The code has successfully been tested with the Nexus One (2.2) and the G1 (1.6). Update: the resulting project for […]

A Tactile Compass for Eyes-free Pedestrian Navigation

The idea came up when I was heading back to the hotel from a conference dinner at MobileHCI 2008 in Amsterdam. I had no orientation. The only guide I had was a map on my Nokia phone. Not being familiar with Amsterdam, the route let me right through the busy areas of the city center. […]

Digital Helpers for the Blind

Last year, the WDR (German TV broadcaster) together our HaptiMap project partner GeoMobile tested the the PocketNavigator with Mr. Schmidt who is visually impaired. Actually, the PocketNavigator was not designed for blind users, since it only gives very coarse directions (straight, left, right, behind) via vibration patterns. However, to my surprise, Mr. Schmidt seemed to […]

A Vibro-tactile “Friend Sense” for Keeping Groups Together

Being able to sense the location of people can be beneficial if you visit a crowded, noisy, and chaotic place with your friends, such as a festival. Usually, for a good nightly experience, it is important that the group stays together. However, when everyone has different needs at different times (getting food, visiting the lavatory […]

N95 vs iPhone 2G – Usability Matters!

Usability matters! It matters much more than features. A tangible example of this was presented by Scott Jensen at a keynote talk at MobileHCI ’10 in Lisbon, Portugal. He compared the Nokia N95 with the Apple 2G, which were both top-notch devices in 2008. The Nokia N95 was a brilliant piece of technology that contained […]

Using cygwin with the Android NDK on Windows

This tutorial illustrates how to setup and use the Android NDK under Windows. It will use cygwin for compiling the native code. It has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7. This guide assumes that you have Eclipse with ADT and the Android SDK version 3 (1.5) up and running. There are three important […]

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