Will they use it? Will it be useful? In-Situ Evaluation of a Tactile Car Finder.

When we develop new technology, we want to know if it will have the potential to be successful in the real world. This is not trivial! People may sincerely enjoy our technology when we expose them to it in a lab- or a field study. They may perform better than with previous solutions at the […]

PocketMenu: Non Visual Menus for Touch Screen Devices

It’s a chilly Sunday afternoon and you are out for a walk, listening to music from your MP3 player, and you want to select the next song. How do you do that? A few years ago you probably didn’t even take the MP3 player out of the pocket. You just used your fingers to feel […]

In Situ Field Studies using the Android Market

Recently, researchers have started to investigate using app distribution channels, such as Apple’s App Store or Google’s Android Market to bring the research to the users instead of bringing the users into the lab. My colleague Niels, for example, used this approach to study how people interact with touch screens of mobile phones. But, instead […]

Ambient Visualisation of Social Network Activity

Social network, such as Facebook or Twitter, are an important factor in the communication between individuals of the so called digital natives generation. More and more often, they are used to exchange short bursts of thoughts are comments as a means of staying connected with each other. The instant communication enabled by those social networks […]

Tactile Compass presented at ICMI ’11

This week I had the chance to attend the International Conference on Multimodal Interaction.It took place in Alicante, Spain, which even at this time of the year (mid of November) can be warm and sunny! I presented the results from a user study of our Tactile Compass. The basic idea of the tactile compass is […]

Tacticycle: Supporting Exploratory Bicycle Trips

Navigation systems have become a common tool for most of us. They conveniently guide us from A to B along the fast or shortest route. Thanks to these devices we do not fear to get lost anymore when traveling through unfamiliar terrain. However, what if you are a cyclist and your goal is an excursion […]

PocketNavigator Video on Youtube

Working day and night, turning researchers into actors, mastering the use of iMovie, we present our video on the PocketNavigator Familiy. The video shows three demonstrators: The Tacticycle is a bicycle navigation system for tourists, which uses vibrating handle bars to provide directions. The PocketNavigator is an OSM-based pedestrian navigation systems that uses vibration patterns […]

Don’t Ask Users What They Want!

As Human Computer Interaction as a research field is receiving more and more recognition in Germany my collages and me, as members of the Intelligent User Interfaces Group at OFFIS, are more often approached when it comes to developing novel user interfaces or findings innovative solutions for industry partners. Usually, the idea is that we […]


In the comments to my post on OpenAL on Android some visitors asked to provide some high-level examples of how to use OpenAL. In this post you will find a light-weight Android Java library, consisting of four classes only, that allows you to create complex 3D sound scenes. An additional Hello World example building upon […]

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