AmbiTweet / Water Live Wallpaper w. Twitter

AmbiTweet (published as Water Live Wallpaper w. Twitter) is an Android application & live wallpaper that visualises the activity of a Twitter account by animated water.

  • The more tweets are posted to your timeline the brighter the water becomes
  • The more tweets are posted about a topic you specify the more rain drops will stirr up the water

AmbiTweet has been developed by Niels Henze and me and is available for download from the Android Market.

Start Up

On start up you will immediately see the animated water. At this point it is already “live” but it will not display the activity of your Twitter account.


To connect AmbiTweet to a Twitter account you need to hit the menu key to open the menu bar.

Hit the “Connect Twitter” button on the bottom right.


This will automatically open Twitter’s authorisation page in a web browser. Enter the data of the account you want to connect with AmbiTweet.

Please note that the log in credentials are directly sent to Twitter. The application will only receive an authorisation token, but never get access to your login an password.

Main View

Once the app is authorised the main will change its brightness and business based on the activity on your Twitter account.

More rain drops mean that more Tweets have recently been posted about a topic that you can specify (see next step how)

A brighter background means more Tweets have recently been posted to your personal timeline.


The settings allow you to specify the topic and the sensivity to activity in the timeline.

The slider adjusts the sensitivty to activity in your timeline. If you receive a lot of tweets per hour you may want to drag the slider to the left.

The text box allows to specify the keyword that controls the amount of rain drops.

The two buttons allow you to access your timeline or the search associated with the keyword, in case the displayed level of activity has caught your attention.

Start as Live Wallpaper

To start AmbiTweet as live wallpaper long-click on a free spot on the home screen. When the context menu pops up, select Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers. Select “Water Live Wallpaper w. Twitter” from the list that appears and hit “Set wallpaper”.

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