PocketNavigator Video on Youtube

Working day and night, turning researchers into actors, mastering the use of iMovie, we present our video on the PocketNavigator Familiy.

The video shows three demonstrators:

  • The Tacticycle is a bicycle navigation system for tourists, which uses vibrating handle bars to provide directions.
  • The PocketNavigator is an OSM-based pedestrian navigation systems that uses vibration patterns to tell the user which direction to go.
  • The Virtual Observer is a research tool that allows collecting usage data (GPS tracks, Images, Experience Sampling Questions) and play them back in order to study in-situ usage of above (and other) applications.

The work presented here is part of the EU-funded HaptiMap research project (FP7-ICT-224675) , which aims at making maps and location-based services more accessible. The PocketNavigator is one of the project’s outcome developed at the Intelligent User Interfaces Group of the OFFIS Institute for Information Technology, Oldenburg, Germany.

The PocketNavigator is available for free on the Android Market:

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