Paper Shopping List

The Paper Shopping List is a simple Android app that helps you to keep track of your todo and shopping lists. Unlike many apps, which provide you a lot of features at the cost of having to enter your items via keyboard, this app focuses on being the most simple tool possible to assist you. Usage:

  1. Write a shopping / todo / .. list on paper (!)
  2. Take a photo of the list with the app
  3. Cross out items in the photo as they are done
Step 3: Cross Out Items on the Screen

It’s simple, effective, and provides the best of both worlds:

  • Unlike paper you keep track of the items that are already done
  • Unlike other apps, items do not have to be entered tediously via the keyboard or the PC

It is available for free on the Android Market.

Usage Examples

Managing To-Do Lists

Shopping List for Recipe Ingrediences

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    Wie wäre es wenn die App auch Offline zu nutzen wäre. Also du steigst aus, speicherst die GPS-Daten. Verirrst dich in der City und klickst auf “Bring mich zu meinem Auto”…javascript:grin(‘:razz:’)

  2. Hi,

    I stumbled across your blog….mostly cause I am currently unemployed 🙂 oh well more research time I say. Anyway I have a great idea that revolves around something linked to this. It is not at all the same but has to do with shopping lists. I may end up contacting you later down the track if it comes to fruition?


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