Do Not Disturb | Setup iOS

This document describes how to enable Do Not Disturb Mode on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). The steps are:

  1. Enable Manual Do Not Disturb
  2. Disable Scheduled Do Not Disturb
  3. Set Silence to Always
  4. Optionally, set Allow Calls From to Favorites

Please make sure to complete these steps for all your iOS devices.

On your iOS device, Do Not Disturb can be found in the Settings.

Do Not Disturb in Settings

Enter the Do Not Disturb settings and first switch on Manual.

Do Not Disturb Manual

Next, please make sure that Scheduled is disabled.

Do Not Disturb - Disable Scheduled

Lastly, scroll to the bottom and ensure that Silence is set to Always

Do Not Disturb - Always

Optionally, if you would like to receive calls from certain contacts, please make sure that Allow Calls From is set to Favorites and add those contacts to your favourites. To do this, open the contact in the Contacts app and scroll to the bottom, where you will find the Add to Favorites function.

Do Not Disturb - Favourites