The Do Not Disturb Challenge

Notifications inform us about new messages, email, social network updates, … and are truly everywhere these days. They constantly capture out attention – whether the moment is right or not.

Can you remember how life was without them?

To find out the answer to this question for yourself, we conducted the Do Not Disturb Challenge, where we asked people to go without notifications for a day.

As part of the Do Not Disturb Challenge, participants were asked to:

  • disable notification alerts on mobile phones, tablets, and computers for 24 hours,
  • fill out three questionnaires (each takes roughly 5-10 minutes): one prior the study, one after the day without notifications, and one after another day with notifications as usual,
  • and, optionally, take part in a post-study interview to let us know about your day without notifications.

You can find the results published in my blog post Productive, Anxious, Lonely – 24 Hours Without Push Notifications.