In my free time, I love to compose and record songs. On this page, you find a few examples.


Drum & Bass with real instruments. Imagine three hyperactive kids – a lunatic drummer, a maniac bassist, and a mad guitar player – going nuts. Alternatively imagine Rage Against The Machine on Speed.


Techno-track centered around heavy, hypnotic bass line.

Number One

Up-tempo, “classic 40ies pop” jazz ensemble tune with rather dark lyrics about dealing with loss. I recorded it after a university course on arrangement for jazz ensembles. The basis is a very old metal track written by Andreas and me.

Peaceful Way Back Home

The song tries to imitate the sound of Bag Raider’s Way Back Home, but uses the melody and lyrics from Peaceful Moments, a song from my previous band Lost Crumbs. I’d describe it as beautiful, deep, maybe a little melancholic.

To Be Here (D’n’B Mix 2008)

Drum ‘n’ Bass remake of a pop-rock track up by my previous band Lost Crumbs. Features pitched-up vocals contrasted by dark baselines for a very up-tempo, happy, and energetic sound.