6th Sense Car Finder

The 6th Sense Car Finder is an Android app that allows to keep track of one’s parked car (or any other location) without looking at the phone’s display!

Whenever the phone points at the location of the car, its starts vibrating in short buzzes. The faster the buzzes are repeated, the closer you are to the car.

The 6th Sense Car Finder is part of a research project that explores if people would use such kind of haptic feedback and if it can help to let people concentrate on the environment. Given that in a PewInternet study, one in six cell-phone users reported to have physically bumped into an obstacle, because they were distracted by their phone, this is an important goal.

Our study has shown that about half of the users use the vibration feedback. When vibration feedback is enabled, users turn off the display and stow away the device more often. They also look less at the display. Hence, when using vibration feedback, users are less distracted.

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  1. Use the application also in the sea for monitorale offline distance from the marina. It would take a decimal for distances greater than 10 km ( ie 11 km – 11.2 miles)

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