Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing estimates whether your partner would¬†currently be likely to¬†read your texts and messages (e.g. WhatsApp) if you sent one. The app allows to link two phones. In a widget, the users can see each other’s predicted attentiveness. [more]


When activated, the Silencer allows to mute incoming calls by shaking or hitting the phone. This can be very handy, when you receive a call in an inappropriate situation but you cannot find your phone in your bag, purse, or pocket. [more]

6th Sense Car Finder

The 6th Sense Car Finder provides you with a sixth sense about the location of your car or any other place you enter. If the 6th sense feature is activated your phone indicates the place’s location through vibration. No need to constantly look at the device! [more]


The PocketNavigator is a light-weight OpenStreetMap-based pedestrian navigation system. The key feature is the ability to be guided by vibration patterns only. No need to constantly look at the display. [more]

Paper Shopping List

The Paper Shopping List is a todo / shopping / … list organiser. Unlike many approaches, you simply write your list on paper, take a picture of it, and manage it on your phone. Simple but effective. [more]